Schedule private sessions to get training in areas where you can rock it using your skills. This can even include training of your staff to do this work while they are in the shop.

Training in Social Media

Most of the social media you see in Instagram and Facebook is being made by business owners just like you, or their staff. You can do this! If you have zero to very little social media presence, start with a training session or two. You will be amazed at the results.

Training in Sending Newsletters

Sending newsletters to your customers and potential customers is key to keeping the sales up at your business. Pressing the "Send" button is scary, but we can work through this because newsletters are vital to your business.

Training in Blogging

Having a blog on your business website can help customers get to know your business, see the history of your business, and even attract customers who have never heard of you.

Training in PR

Hiring a public relations firm to get media coverage for your business can be expensive. There are only a few secrets to getting press:

  • really great timing
  • proper ways of emailing the media and following up
  • systems in place to track your work

Katie is cofounder of Tin Shingle, a community-based training platform in PR, social media and other buzz-building techniques. If you're serious about getting press and sales, then you should activate a subscription membership at Tin Shingle, or at the very least, come to the free live webinars every Wednesday at 12pm. For one-on-one attention and to get you started in your systems, idea generation and confidence that you can do this, schedule a private session with Katie.

Website Advice

Your website is old, not fluid, or doesn't exist yet, and you need help structuring it for the next level of you designing it in a DIY platform like SquareSpace or Shopify, or for when you hire someone to design and build it for you. We can concept-block this out with you, and help you with the framework of the best way to organize and present your website so that it is attractive to customers, and useful to the media.

Private Training Consulting Discount Packages
from 85.00

You want liberation to work your own website and send your own awesome newsletters. Or, perhaps your business isn't running efficiently and you know you need to grow it but don't know how. Katie can work with you on new systems, revenue streams, and ways to market all of that. If you need someone to kick your booty into gear to make it happen, then book one of these packages. These consulting sessions can include research and an open line of communication via emails and phone calls.

If during our work we discover that you need website work done under the hood, which requires our lead mechanic to dive in or special design work, we will have that discussion and move into a different payment package that we offer to get that done for you.

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