Founded by digital marketer Katie Hellmuth Martin, InHouse Design Media offers a unique blend of brand storytelling through pictures and words.

InHouseDesign Media has worked with hundreds of businesses nationwide, spanning many industries from retail to food to fundraising to expert services. Our gift is in combining your message with how it is visually translated and received by your customers. Upon relocating to Beacon in the late 2000s, InHouse Design Media turned its focus on local business, working with local shop owners from behind the counter, hands busy making sausage or elbow deep in cupcake batter. The local market is a special one, and so is each and every business that makes our day to day lives out on the street enjoyable. Our aim is to help your business grow by looking its best in the digital space.

Come to our office on 291 Main Street, Beacon NY, the renovated "Telephone Building" and original source of communication. Our doors are open for workshops, panels, and "Camp" for group in-person learning experiences in the Hudson Valley.


Katie has always had a passion for reading, writing, and the visual. When it came time to pick a career, Katie was quite tormented with which way to pursue - writing or design?  One day in her grandmother's kitchen, days before Katie embarked on a one-way journey to New York City, she lamented, "Oh, what should I choose?" And her grandmother suggested both writing and design. Years later (and several trials in different careers including film, theatre, book publishing and working in boutiques and cafes), Katie discovered blogging while she was managing the website of a national nonprofit. Everything changed after that. When social media happened, forget about it, everything made sense. The Communications in Media Studies major could finally play in the worlds of writing and image creation, where business and sales mattered to what was produced. Everything had a purpose.

At InHouse Design Media, Katie serves as a producer of social media, website design and overall strategy. At A Little Beacon Blog, Katie serves as publisher, writer, and designer. At Tin Shingle, Katie serves as community nurturer, educator, writer, editor, ad sales director, and owner. Should you wish to work with her on a webinar, speaking event or have an article in mind, please contact her here.