We are going to go deep and get into the zone of your business month to month, on retainer. Your business will always be in our thoughts, and we will be consistently planning for how to lift what you are selling into a digital experience your customers must have for their own. Currently, only local businesses in Beacon, NY are eligible for these packages. Pick a level of engagement and a budget that works for you.

Your needs are unique to your business. Should you need a different combination of the offerings below, we can design a retainer just for you!  Contact us to tell us your goals.

Included in Each Retainer

Depending on your business goals, we can mix and match what services we provide for you from month to month. There is no time commitment, but we do recommend a trial of 3 months to see how your social audience responds to the new activity going on in your social streams.


An open line of communication between you and the people on your team at InHouse Design Media. If you need a sounding board or to ask a question involving strategic direction, you can do that within an active retainer.

Progress Reports

At the completion of each round of work done for you, a Progress Report will be sent to you that outlines what work was done that was charged against your pre-paid retainer. If you are in a pay-as-you-go retainer, it will update you as to how much time you have left.

Combinations of Digital Marketing for Your Retainer 


Let's work that Facebook Business Page! You can reach a lot of people who reallllly want to know what you're selling. There are lots of different ways we can do this, no matter what your budget.


Minimum of 1 post a week on Instagram, plus engagement with others in the community. We will keep track of which #hashtags are winners for your business, and help you get the word out about your offerings with pictures. We can either post for you, or do continuous monitoring of what you are sharing, and help you with ideas for more. Journalists use Instagram to find great concepts to write about. You want to get in front of them!


Twitter is another source that the media does love. While Instagram is the local favorite, Twitter is still used by your some of your most influential customers, as well as the media. Let's feed them information and get them into your store!


Sometimes your images need a little punch. We want to make sure that people aren't just liking a pretty picture, but get the message instantly about what you are selling. Sometimes you may need a flyer, or word treatment on an image. We can do that.


Perhaps the blog on your business needs a purpose, and ideas of what to blog about. We can be your ghost editors to help you plan for articles to publish that feature what you sell, and even writers if you need that.


Your business needs to be sending a newsletter to your current and prospective customers. The inbox is one of the most effective ways to reach you're audience, and you need to cultivate that. We can help you accomplish that to increase business.


Ready...Set...Pick One!

Pay-As-You-Go Retainer Discount Packages
from 75.00

Work covered in this flexible retainer can include:

  • Website: Changes made to your website.
  • Strategic Consulting: Consult with us on ways to streamline your business, create and manage revenue streams, think up new marketing strategies, and more, nurturing your customer base.
  • Development: What are the problem areas of your website, what user feedback are you getting, and how can we fix it to increase your business.
  • Social Media Training: Guidance on how to present your social media, including best ways to schedule it, photograph it, and write it.
  • Newsletter Training and Sending: Have us train you, or have us send a newsletter for you.
  • Print Design: If you need flyers done, and other smaller marketing material projects, we can fit it into one of these flexible retainers when you get Level 3 and above.
Discount Packages:
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Retainer - Light
  • 3 posts a week at Facebook and Instagram.
  • 1 Facebook Event page creation a month (does not include original cover art design). If you need cover art design, we can send over an as-needed bill for that. 
  • We come in periodically to take pictures for the weeks ahead, and schedule out when social shares are going to be published. Includes some graphic design where necessary.
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Retainer - Medium
  • 3-Way Social: Up to 5 postings a week in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Facebook Events: Up to 4 Facebook Event posts per month with Cover Art creation. Does not include design of event flyers, as those are billed as-needed.
  • Graphic Design: Includes graphic design where necessary and to an extent.
  • Photos: We come in periodically to take pictures for the weeks ahead, and schedule out when social shares are going to be published.
  • Newsletters: Strategic guidance on what to send to your clients and future clients. Includes some copyediting. We can send some of these newsletters for you if they are simple and don't require design changes and if most of the content is provided. This can be decided on a case by case basis.
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Retainer - Full Bodied
  • 3-Way Social Media: Daily  posting in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Facebook Events: Creating Facebook Events for you, with Cover Art Design. Inlcludes printed flyer design for those events.
  • Graphic Design: Includes graphic design where necessary and designs of printed event flyers.
  • Photos: We come in periodically to take pictures for the weeks ahead, and schedule out when social shares are going to be published. Can include event photos if you're out at an event, with proper coordination.
  • Newsletters: Creation of up to 4 newsletters per month. This can be on a case by case basis if some newsletters are faster to produce than others and involve less design and copy.
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